About SmileVel Dental Clinic

Providing you with a unique approach to quality dental experiences. SmileVel in Nizampet, Kukatpally was founded Dr. T.G. Prasad Reddy on some very simple approaches to the provision of healthcare for our clients. The secret behind our success is client satisfaction which is the single most important element of our work. An upfront appraisal of what treatment you need or just as importantly don't need, and a clear explanation of your options.


Why SmileVel Dental Clinic ?

SmileVel Dental Clinic in Nizampet, Kukatpally is a consortium of the latest equipments and facilities never seen before in any other Dental treatment facility. Our Equipment assessment and procurement Team ensures that every treatment is backed with tested and quality equipments with international standards. Our aim is to care for you as a person and give you a healthy, beautiful smile in comfortable surroundings.



My Grandmother aged 82 was suffering from a severe tooth ache for 3 days. We first took her to a nearby dentist. On the day of tooth extraction, the doctor tried too hard to extract the paining tooth. He first gave local anesthesia but it did not make the tooth numb. I observed tremendous pain in my grandmother’s voice while the procedure is being worked out. I asked the doc to stop the procedure immediately and left the place. I had no option but take her to another doctor and fortunately we could reach SmileVel on a suggestion from my aunt. Within 15 mins at the clinic, Dr.T.G.Prasad Reddy extracted her tooth without even a pinch of pain. My grandmother herself could not believe that he extracted the tooth. She was under the impression that the doc is cleaning something around the tooth!!. She was immediately relieved from the acute toothache. It was a great sigh of relief to see her relived from pain at her age. We are so thankful to the doctor (T.G.Prasad Reddy) and we are very fortunate to visit SmileVel. Once again, thanks a lot SmileVel in Nizampet, Kukatpally team!!. Keep up the great spirit. ------ Ravi Kishore Valeti.

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